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Tue, Sep 13, 2011 7:39 PM


Bridge: Batch script to create thumbnails of multi-level folders


As a DSLR shooter and editor, I organise the clips of a project in several folders. I use bridge to view my clips and choose which ones I will bring into Premiere Pro for editing (unfortunately, you cannot easily "see" an overview of all the clips in a given folder inside PPro; Bridge is much easier for that). However, when opening a folder Bridge has to generate thumbnails for each of the clips, which takes quite some time. I export the results right inside the folder, so that next time Bridge opens it, the results are instantly visible. However, the first time you have to do this for each folder is quite time-consuming. Can you devise a script that will automate this in the background for a folder and all sub-folders below it?

Thanks very much.




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10 y ago

Hello, have you tried Tools>Cache>build and export cache ?