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Mon, Apr 4, 2011 1:29 AM



Elements: How do I extract a frame from a DVD using Premiere Elements to edit the frame in Photoshop Elements?

I just purchased and loaded Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and Adobe Premiere Elements 9. Will I be able to watch a DVD of a family event on Premiere Elements 9, pick frames from it to be used as photos AND transfer/move/download etc. them into my Photoshop Elements 9 for editing and saving in jpeg? I need to save them in jpeg because I want to be able to retrieve them and use them in another program that I have on my computer. (The Print Shop 2.0 Professional)

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10 y ago

Hi Pat.

I just stumbled upon your post and don't know if you ever found an answer.

I was able to export a single frame as a jpeg using the following process

1. Positiion the CTI over the area I wanted to export
2. Hit the Freeze Frame button (picture of a camera) in the lower right hand corner of the preview window.
3. Hit the Export Button from the Freeze Frame window

Hope that helps if you never figured it out


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10 y ago

I tried this method above as Dave described, using Premiere Elements 9, got a .bmp file from the freeze frame button. The Share method gave me much more latitude with the final image. Go to Share/Computer, select image, set the output to whatever size/ratio you want and export the .jpg. This gave me a much better final image.
If anyone knows how to make the freeze frame generate a .jpg, I would love to know. Couldn't find any preferences to change for that button.