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Fri, Dec 4, 2020 9:58 AM


Is it necessary to uninstall PrE 17 version prior to installing PrE 19 version ?


I was, till yesterday, using 2019 i.e. 17 versions of PsE and PrE. Yesterday I purchased online the 2021 versions of these softwares and installed them with success, without uninstalling previous 17 version.

I was successful in adapting a previous Element Organizer catalog to a 2021 version.

On the contrary, I face numerous difficulties in using a previous PrE 17 project: even after inactivating 2021 Autoanalyser on machine start, my PrE projects often crashes and an error generator is created: I just filled one and sent it to Adobe.

In order to be able to operate normaly PrE 19, should I first uninstall 17 and 19 versions, then reinstall the new 19 version ?

I have looked ad various Adobe help articles and did not found any answer to this simple question.

Last question : should I do the same with PsE, i.e. uninstalle 17 and 19 versions and then reinstall 19 version ? Indeed Element Organizer and PrE are linked and working together.

My current machine has following features:

  • Dell Precision 5820
  • Intel i7-98000X
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • NVIDIA Quadro P4000, 8 GB
  • OS SSD 1000 GB
  • Win 10 version 20H2

Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions and assistance.


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1 y ago


Followup of this post is present within Adobe Community Forum, topic Premiere Elements, the major question being SOLVED :


In advance, thanks for any suggestion or proposal, especially related to the sound track mixing or corruption unsolved issue.