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Fri, Dec 9, 2011 2:44 AM


Premiere Elements: Internet connection needed for some files

There are some of us, who want a laptop that IS NOT connected to the Internet to do certain work...like video production with Elements. I find it hard to believe that the installation package includes 5 DVD/s yet to make Elements function, one has to spend considerable time going to get even some basic things.....like Sounds! In fact, there are places [some of which I spend time in] that do not have any internet connections....and some without cell phone service. I'm going to have to think twice about more Adobe products if I have to go thru what I did to install Elements!

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10 y ago

It's true that there are bonus materials that you can download, but there isn't any necessity to be connected to the internet. If you are trying to use items from the bonus set, such as those templates that come as part of a Plus membership, this will require a internet connection. This is because these items are not included in the installation disks. A. Because they are only available to those who have a Plus subscription. B. Because these are assets created seasonally, well after the products release. You can tell a template (whether a DVD menu or Clip Art) is part of a Plus membership by it's little golden banner across the top right corner of the preview thumbnail.

I assume you are talking about sound files that you want to edit with. If there is a sound file that is not on your computer, then it will have to be obtained from an outside source, like the internet.

Perhaps if you provided further details as to what you are doing when you are prompted to connect to the internet, such as the specific sound file. We could provide better information.