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Sat, Jul 6, 2013 1:39 AM


Thank you very much for Premiere Elements 11

I'm the secretary for an amateur a capella choir in Vught, the Netherlands.
Regulary I recieve video-recordings and photographs of our performances, which I usually share with our members through our site.
Recently I recieved from several choir members the request whether I could make a DVD of our latest performance, which was very good indeed, thank you very much.
As I didn't have a video-editor I purchased Premiere Elements 11, and in no time I was tickled pink with this purchase.
I rarely used an application that was so intuitive and easy to use.
Very soon after starting I decided to go for the full DVD menu structure in stead of the direct play variant. Even as a novice at video-editing, I managed to create a fantastic DVD which has a very professional look about it. The only let-down are the actual video-recordings....the camera handling is clearly amateurish - too much pan and zoom - compared with the rest of the DVD, 'though the music is beautiful.
I combined several recordings of two performances into one single recording. The "time stretch" function was very helpfull in synchronizing the several recordings to a level where the lip-movements were almost inperceptably out-of-sync with the music(less than a single frame of about 0.04 seconds). Thus I created the impression that a single performance was recorded from multiple camera positions. The transitions and titles&text functionality made the creation almost perfect.
As I was busy anyway, I added, for good measure, a photo-presentation on music as well as an older performance which was given the same multirecording treatment as described before.
The menu markers were very usefull as well as easy to use, 'though I have some ideas about optimizing this functionality (see "share an idea").

all in all....thank you very much for Premiere Elements 11

With the kindest regards

Roy Kliffen
Secretary mixed choir "Vught Vocaal"

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8 y ago


Uw uitgifte van Photoshop Elements 12 wordt in Windows in een Nederlandse versie uitgebracht en MacOs niet.

Aanduiding van dit produkt gaat wel vergezeld van een IMac foto. Wanneer u geen Nederlandse versie uitbrengt, zou u een windows pc kunnen gebruiken. Minder mooi misschien ?

Inmiddels Elements 11 in gebruik, maar zou toch graag een Nederlandse versie zien.

Zoudt u mij dit kunnen aangeven of dit ook inderdaad gaat komen?


G.F. van der Veen

Jaromirgaarde 210

7329 CN Apeldoorn