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Sun, Jul 28, 2019 7:35 AM

bridge 9.0.3 won't display thumbnails

purging cache doesn't help. went back to 9.0.0 so I could work

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2 y ago

I'm not having trouble displaying thumbnails in Bridge, so people might need more information about your system to be able to help you.

I've found often that Bridge is happiest if you delete preferences and start fresh. Sometimes they change something that totally farkles the program if you carry over preferences. I've also found that purging cache via a command doesn't always take. I tend to purge manually in the cache folders themselves, apart from purging cache for a single item or folder. Then purging cache usually is effective.

Apart from that, I've no clue, but someone might if they know more about your system.



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2 y ago

There's preference to set the file size limit for generating thumbnails... perhaps yours was set too low?