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Wed, Jun 8, 2011 9:20 PM

Bridge: a central place for resources management

There would be something very useful Bridge could do for us. I'll describe this at the sample of Illustrator. There we have a lot of libraries: textures, colors, brushes, symbols etc. provided by Adobe or our own.

The problem is, that this impressive amount of things can only be seen at a quite small size and we also have to navigate and check a large number of lists, which is uncomfortable. We also aren't able to search for names or keywords. When the right things are already on the screen and the search is finished then everything is OK, but the whole management and the search actions are not that nice.

The suggestion: give us a new kind of functionality in Bridge, RESOURCES MANAGEMENT

Bridge has much better possibilities for searching, key-wording, browsing than the small palettes in CS applications. Give us the chance to see and manage there all our resources (for all CS applications) bigger sized, even color libraries, color schemes and so on. So I suggest to create a specialized central view for things like that. Bridge would automatically identify them being connected with all the apps.

Thanks, Michael


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