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Wed, Jun 15, 2011 1:11 PM


Bridge: Add a new STACKS PANEL to simplify image management in large data sets.

Stacks are very useful in Bridge. We can quickly group things and also add further images to them. But now imagine you need to display a very large number of images. As soon as you find things you would like to add to an existing stack, you'll notice that this often isn't easy to reach, I mean, you'll be forced to scroll and scroll again and again.

Solution: add a new STACKS PANEL on the right side. It would permanently display all the stacks which belong to the data set we are currently browsing. So we wouldn't need to scroll that often, we would simply drag the needed images to the stacks panel into the stack we want.

We would get a better overview and be sensibly quicker, especially in large data sets.

Thanks, Michael
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