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Wed, Jun 15, 2011 2:30 PM


Bridge: Add the possibility to COMMENT keywords and collections!

Add the possibility to comment a keyword or collection please! It should be possible directly in the keywords/collections panel. We should also can read them anytime directly in the respective panel (e.g. while mouse-over)

I'm using Adobe not only for design but also for scientific research. To be able to create consistent keyword (code) structures and for a reliable teamwork, we need the ability to comment/explain why we used a keyword or what it exactly means, to define it.

Sample: is a "tool" also an "instrument", "apparatus", "machine" or not? Do we use these words as synonyms, hence the single keyword "tool" would contain them all, or do we have to use them separately? Comments would allow to clarify such things and many other we need.

Thanks, Michael
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