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Wed, Jan 29, 2014 4:20 PM


Bridge CC: Renaming Favorites

If I drag a folder into the Favorites panel, the foldername appears. If I use several folders with the same name in different locations, it's hard to identify them.
In this case I would see "Name" twice in the panel.
It would be great if we could rename the favorites in the panel without effecting the original foldername.

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Yes please!

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I'm not positive, but I think we can't rename them because they're aliases. If you ever have worked over WiFi with your other computer that was offline at the time, you'll have seen a Favorite you click on disappear, leaving behind only a question mark. Bridge won't  tell you it can't find the folder, yet leave it intact. So I'm not sure it could cope with a name change—not unless it can learn to keep a list of the real names behind your name changes—possibly yet another potential point of corruption.<sigh>

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A work-around on Mac OS is to create a links to the source folders, rename the links to whatever makes sense, and then add the link to your Bridge favorites panel. The name of the link will be displayed in the Favorites panel and the content will be the source folder.