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Tue, Jun 25, 2013 1:34 PM


Bridge goes back to first monitor (other apps not, only Bridge)

I have two monitors, windows 7 professional.
I have UltraMon installed to have 2 taskbars on both monitors.
Bridge is maximized on the second monitor.
Fact: clicking on the taskbar icon of a window maximizes/restores the window, ON THE SAME MONITOR. All applications work like this, no exception.
When clicking on the Bridge's taskbar icon minimizes Bridge (hides). When clicking again, Bridge is maximized on the first monitor (not on the second where it was originally).
The annoying thing. I have two monitors to have on one the photo editing app and on the other the Bridge with photos. Switching between windows on the second monitor, by clicking on the taskbar icons, always jumps Bridge to the first monitor.
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