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Thu, May 22, 2014 7:57 PM


Bridge: Improve the Find command with both AND and OR operators

I'm having a couple of problems using the Edit->Find command in Bridge CC.

When I've run Find and built a list, then do any editing operation like delete files, the Find command starts over instead of retaining the existing results. This is obviously time-consuming and throws me out of whatever set of images I'm trying to manage. Is there a way to use the Find results and NOT have Bridge start the search over?

I also need a way to search with both AND and OR operators. Example: Find JPEG or TIFF or Photoshop or Camera RAW images and filename foo. I've discovered that you can do mixed AND/OR by searching then using the Filter panel, as long as the filter displays the search criteria you need. So, Find files named "foo" in folder "Images" then filter for various file types.

I'm not sure why that functionality isn't just built into a better Find command? Filtering a search is an extra, unneeded step.

I'd also like to see a live search. If I open a JPEG file, retouch it in Photoshop, and Save As to a new PSD file that's in my search path, Bridge should be smart enough to add that new file as long as it matches the search. Even just make it an option. Windows has an API to notify programs when changes are made on disk, doesn't it?

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8 y ago

Smart Collections achieves this end.

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8 y ago

Create a temporary Collection of your found results then delete working from within the collection. -- Alex