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Mon, Dec 9, 2013 12:51 PM


Bridge: Make defaults specific to camera serial number

I lead a team of 6 to 15 bridge/photoshop editors and I have succeed to develop several scripts to improve workflow. By dimension, quantity of daily edited images, and number of live-model studios, we probably are one of the major companies in the world.
Every day I have to invent new solutions to adapt to our apparently unique workflow.
On high productive moments, we are able to use 12 studios at the same time, and edit every single day more then 5000 images.

We use our own network to get central multi-studio color profiles calibration that are updated daily when any computer starts bridge or photoshop, and it is all done by script automatically.

So, the pressure and the optimization of several tasks are crucial.

In Bridge I can't read by script and I can't find where to read the 'Camera Raw Preferences':
Edit > Camera Raw Preferences > Make defaults specific to camera serial number (I must be sure that this preference os allways ON and get an automatic warn after reading that)

It is just this line that is missing and I couldn't activate it by script.

The fact is that some times, when an new editor uses a new account in a PC, that preference is not ON and I need to avoid this.
Where this option/preference is stored?
We use windows7



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8 y ago

On my Windows 7 computer, that setting seems to be stored in:


And in that file the tag is:


%AppData% is an environment variable that maps to:


In the Defaults folder are also all the per camera (in my case) settings files, with filenames like:


where KeyString is the tag the designates the model number (or file-type for JPEG files). I'm not sure how a serial-number is encoded in the Default_ files, if it is part of the KeyString or if it is a separate item. You easily determine this by looking in a few of your files when things are separated by serial number.

There is also a CameraRaw registry key with a preferences item that lists various camera models and gibberish, but this doesn't seem to correspond to the Default files so I'm not sure what role it has:


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8 y ago


I am so, so, so used to see the /Defaults folder to put my own xmp sidecar files of dcp color profiles, and I didn't search there.

I have manage read the Camera Raw preferences and make crs:DefaultsSpecificToSerial to True if was False. Here is the code from Philip Cord:

#target bridge
var crsPrefs = new File( Folder.userData + "/Adobe/CameraRaw/Defaults/Preferences.xmp" );

function setMetadata( file){
if (ExternalObject.AdobeXMPScript == undefined) ExternalObject.AdobeXMPScript = new ExternalObject("lib:AdobeXMPScript");
file.encoding = "UTF8";
file.lineFeed = "unix";"r", "TEXT", "????");
var xmpStr =;
var xmpStr='';
var xmp = new XMPMeta( xmpStr );
xmp.deleteProperty("", "DefaultsSpecificToSerial");
xmp.setProperty("", "DefaultsSpecificToSerial","True");'w');
file.encoding = "UTF8";
file.lineFeed = "unix";
file.write( xmp.serialize() );