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Thu, Oct 27, 2011 6:42 PM


Bridge: Needed Bridge features for tracking and previewing video media

I use Adobe Bridge to track video media - I notice that nowhere in the Metadata, except in the Advanced tab under File Info, is the length of the video available, and that requires me to even do some math, multiplying a couple of values, which makes this information useless on a short term need.

It would be most useful to just have the switch in Preferences in the Thumbnails/Details preference, to see that value right in the Bridge Browser if I wanted to. It would also be very useful to have that info show (maybe even in a "live" version) in the Preview window when I play a file, much the way it works in Windows Media Player, QT Player, or VLC Media Player. It could show current time (like a CTI) and also length.
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