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Sun, Dec 9, 2012 1:56 AM


Lightroom/Bridge/Other: Meaningful (semantic) keywords

Hi to all you organized people,
and forward-looking developers and product managers!

I suggest keywords that mean what you intend to say,

Example: Two images - in one, you see the PERSON Tim.
In the other you see a car that Tim OWNS.

Usually you would apply the keywords Tim and car to the second image.
If you make a collection of Tim, you wouldn't expect his car to show.
But it does. Now you would have to add all kinds of exceptions to the keyword filter to clean the result up.

This example is only a simple one and you could do some fancy keyword rules to get around this. When the examples get more complicated, you need semantics.

You make semantic keywords (meaningful):
Tim - is - Person
Car - belongs to - Tim

Now you can assign the meaningful keywords to the image
and precisely filter for Tim, the Person. :-)

I know, this is cutting edge semantic technology,
but that's also why I suggest it.
Make Lightroom THE BEST for the FUTURE!

Imagine what you could do with that!
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