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Tue, Jul 26, 2011 5:03 AM



Metadata automation in Bridge and Photoshop

I would love it if I could automate an action to automatically run whenever I opened a file... or be able to open editing an editing session and be able to automate aspects of a particular action upon opening.

For example, as a photographer I run an action on each image that submits my basic copyright info (name, year, website, copyrighted, etc.) I'd love it if that basic info could automatically be applied to any image I opened- unless I turned it off. Even better, I could open a session (like after a wedding or a commercial shoot) where I could tweak that data so every image that opened would automatically change to more specific file info (like the bride and groom's names, models, company information)- without having to completely re-write the action or replay it each time.

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10 y ago

Hi Erin:
yes, you could do this by using Bridge.
in Bridge, we provide metadata template feature, which could help you create your customized metadata template, and then you can apply (Append, Replace) related metadata as you want.
the feature is available through Bridge's main menu "Tools"-> Create Metadata Template, Append, replace.
Enjoy it, and let us know if there is any problem.



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10 y ago

You may want to look into Scripting and using
File > Scripts > Script Event Manager
which can be used to link Scripts or Actions to events, such as opening a file.
But if you want to invoke the File Info-changes only on such files that do not yet bear your copyright-information that would mean a conditional clause and require a Script.

If you want to give Scripting a try you could post here: