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Sat, Jul 26, 2014 5:17 AM


More compact view profile for people who need all of their workspace

I'm sure that I'm not only one that is staring the screen at the distance where my nose sometimes touch the screen. And this one is also for the ones that have small monitor. I would very much like a minimalistic profile for my Adobe software's, that makes text a bit smaller and takes all the unused space away, leaving more work space. The small gaps between tools and menus sure makes the software look more clean and clear, but since I have used Photoshop for half of my life, I would more rather take the workspace.



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7 y ago

Are you aware of using [Shift][Tab] to hide the workspace? Hitting it a second time brings it back.

You can also hide panels you don't need or use often like Camera Calibration by right-clicking and unchecking.