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Fri, May 2, 2014 1:08 AM


Photoshop: do video export with full Adobe Media Encoder format selections.

Right now the only options to render with photoshop are DPX H264 & Quicktime. Considering I only have the adobe photo suite I wanted to be able to render videos using the full power of the Adobe Media Encoder to access other video formats.

In my case I have a plugin to export to WebM since that's the new rage as opposed to gifs. The case I have is timelapse photography loading layers via bridge into photoshop and rendering them that way. H264 works just fine for youtube but as WebM becomes more popular on image hosting sites it would be quite useful to use the plugin support I have for Adobe Media Encoder. Personally I have the full CC suite but this is for my friend who only has the Photoshop/Lightroom/Bridge bundle.
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