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Mon, Jan 12, 2015 5:09 PM


Photoshop: 'Open In Cameraraw' event expansion

On Photoshop CC2014 the event to run an action (or script) when an image is Opened, still have an major limitation:

The event doesn't run when I use 'Open In Cameraraw' from Bridge.
In this case, photoshop doesn't detect any new image that has been opened, unless I use 'Open' from Bridge.
This is a problem when I want to open several images on a specific manual order (from Bridge, 'Open' doesn't keeps manual order and 'Open In Cameraraw' keeps manual order !!).

So, at the end, we have to decide from:
a) keeping image sequence and miss open detection;
b) or running automatic action/script on every image opened but not open in the order we need;

We can't have both.

This makes no sense.
Photoshop must have also a listener for 'Open from Cameraraw', extending its notifiers:
app.notifiers.add("Opn ", myActions())
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