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Sat, Jun 27, 2020 3:12 PM

Camera Raw 12.3: Previews greater than 1:1 are now better!

Previewing raw images in ACR 12.3 at 1:1 and higher seem remarkably smoother than in earlier versions. LR had this smooth look so seems that ACR more LR-like in this way. But this change not mentioned in any of the What's New promotional materials. Not sure of this is true, or just me imagination, bit I like it!


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1 y ago

12.3 seems to be a slimmed-down LR in a can, so I imagine it might be using LR Classic rendering under the hood.  I had to revert to keep my productivity where I need it, but hopefully 12.32 will replicate ACR better and I might be able to use that.  The local HSL is also welcome.