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Tue, Oct 18, 2011 5:02 PM


Camera Raw and DNG: Ability to adjust hues for different brightnesses of colors in the DNG profile editor

I love love love dng profile editor! However, there's one thing it doesn't allow me to do: adjust hues for different brightnesses of colors. If the color table had a highlights/midtones/shadows button section like some things in Photoshop I'd die and go to hue heaven! I'm running into situations where say a dark blue needs to bend one way while the same color but brighter needs to bend another way.

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10 y ago

Good, good, good idea! - Two out of three is one short! (presently we can adjust color based on hue and saturation, but not luminance).

And hopefully the concept will manifest in reglar (non-profile-based) color tools in ACR/Lightroom proper as well - Lr4: please, please, please...