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Fri, Dec 14, 2018 11:32 PM


Camera Raw: Provide support for lasso selection tool

Am I missing something?  I have been needing a polygonal lasso selection tool in Adobe Camera Raw
for quite some time now.  Before opening in Photoshop, I frequently need to carefully select and adjust sections of the image like a window, or a LED screen, where I would normally use a polygonal lasso tool in Photoshop...but this doesn't seem to exist in the raw controls.....only circular selection tools and gradation selection tools.  Please show me I am wrong, and the tools is there somewhere!

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It’s not somewhere. Camera Raw is not a full fledged version of Photoshop for raw files. It does not have separate selection tools like Photoshop, only three local adjustment tools. Try the Adjustment Brush, maybe with Auto Mask turned on. That is as close as you will get. Or accept that this is where you open the image in Photoshop for further editting.

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PLEASE add the lasso tools to the adjustment brush in Camera Raw.  PLEEEEEEEASE!! 

Sometimes you just need really specific selection control. 

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Absolutely, this was needed in 2018 and it is still needed today.