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Tue, Jan 26, 2021 6:47 AM


Camera Raw: Unable to Edit Hotkeys

Hello! Sorry my english. Adobe team i wrote to you. im using Camera Raw / Lightroom for years. Then i work with c1. Now after 3 years i come back and what i see. GUYS! Camera Raw is not convenient!!! Come on! I cant edit hotkeys! I cant find hotkey for next/prew image. If i edit photo, im need BY MOUSE click next photo in filmstrip. Really?? Or problem with the crop-tool. When im turn on crop-tool zoom on photo change, and i do normal zoom (fit screen) MANUALY EVERY TIME. GUUUYS! So much useless clicks, and press keys. Why? Why so pain i get? Plese see the REALLY GOOD products for people, for photograprers. Photoshop is nice in this regard. Camera Raw / Lightroom is horable. PLEASE HEAR ME!

I'll be waiting... And i go back in c1 where love peoples :(

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I hear you @Mickle82  

It feels like ACR is being transitioned to touch screen interfaces, that most fast working, high volume photographers do not tend to use. 

Sadly this is leaving behind workstation operators who rely for speed on their skills of using shortcuts, minimal scrolling, minimal mouse movements etc.   I have measured my peak processing speed to be roughly 25% slower with the current version compared to 12.2, over about 6000 photos.

The evolution of ACR to where we are now has "moved the pedals" in order to streamline the interface more in line with the way Lightroom works.  Sadly that has side-lined the workflows of many working professionals without any easy legacy options to use to for those whose muscle memory and shortcut knowledge may stretch back 10+ years of using ACR.  

As some (AR) will no doubt point out, some people like the new interface, but in my view there is NO REASON (that we have been told) why there is no usable pathway for people who crop with their frames rather than their canvas, or prefer a tab to a scroll bar, or who just wanted speed evolution with added features such as the long-requested local HSL adjustments. 

Hopefully one day they will add in the features we ask for, as well as fix things and add customisability of the UI and key bindings to make it work as it could.