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Fri, May 27, 2011 7:21 PM



Camera Raw/Lightroom: Samsung NX5 support -still waiting

PLEASE add support for SAMSUNG nx5 raw file in ACR.
It is exactly the same camera, like the supported NX10 - there is difference only in lcd / amoled display, same body, same software, same lenses, the produced raw (.srw) file is the same (but has different exif model tag) I must edit all pictures exif before I can do somethink with ACR / Photoshop.
I think it is about only few added words in source code or database of supported models, when I change exif tag "camera model" from NX5 to NX10, everythink works fine, but it is not very comfortable for everyday use.



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11 y ago

Hello, Camera Raw and lightroom are updated almost every 90 days.
There is some testing that needs to be made to support a new camera, even if it seems similar from the outside, there are maybe some other changes that could be discovered later. The Camera Raw has been very reactive, and ACR/LR is one of the raw converter that has the fastest support on new models.

I would suggest you to try to contact your camera manufacturer: if they selected to support the DNG format, your camera would have been supported from day one, even in older versions of ACR/LR...

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10 y ago

If you know the ExifTool parameters, you can use RC Importer to automate.



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10 y ago

If there are Samsung NX5 users reading this thread ...

... I would greatly appreciate it if you could please send me some sample raw files taken with the NX5. You can use YouSendIt.com with a target email address of madmanchan2000@yahoo.com. Thanks.