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Sat, May 10, 2014 2:30 PM


Can we have Fuji XF Lens Profiles?

The Fuji XF lenses have been around for a few years now, does anyone know when there will be Fuji XF Lens profiles? The Fuji XF cameras are very popular (VSCO even includes camera profiles for them) and lens profiles would be very helpful.

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8 y ago

Lens profiles for Fuji lenses that attach to Fuji X-Trans cameras are built-in to Adobe raw-conversation products, and since they are built-in and cannot be turned off, they are not listed in the selectable profiles you can see in the Lens Correction area.

In the past year or two, Adobe has been building-in lens profiles and applying them automatically, for cameras where the camera JPGs also have lens profiles always applied.

Some older cameras, or DSLR cameras, that don't always apply the lens profiles to their camera JPGs or that were supported before Adobe started to have built-in always-on profiles, have selectable profiles.

Starting with Adobe Camera Raw plug-in version 8.4, there is information about any built-in lens profiles being used: