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Tue, Feb 28, 2012 4:42 AM


Keep all the pixels after lens distortion correction ACR

The default ACR setting is to crop the image after geometric distortion correction. This means that the whole rectangle is filled up with pixels for a nice result.

I take a lot of wide angle photos to make panoramas, for example Sydney Opera House The lens corrections feature in CS5 is immensely helpful for this process.

Sometimes it is important to maximise the area of overlap between shots to accurately align them.
After distortion correction, I can switch to the Manual tab and scale the image down to say 97% to bring back all of the pixels that were outside of the crop rectangle. Nice. Areas without camera pixels are colored dark gray.

However, I then have to mask out or make the gray border transparent before stitching the images together. Selecting a color range rarely works because most of my photos have dark gray areas in them that connect to the border.

So I have a feature request. Please add a choice of background color, Black White, Gray, Red, magenta etc. Even better, automatically add transparency or a mask to this area.
This will be very helpful in automating the processing of hundreds of images.
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