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Tue, Mar 6, 2012 5:21 PM


Lightroom: Where is the "Fill Light" slider in version 4?

Bring "Fill Light" Back for Lightroom 4!

Shadows and Blacks do not respond in the same way that Fill Light worked. Blending exposures was much easier and more effective using Fill Light.

I would like you to bring the Fill Light slider back to the Develop Module for Lightroom 4.

I'm a professional retoucher from and I use Lightroom 3 to process my client's RAW files before using Photoshop.

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10 y ago

Try setting the process version to 2010 for the according pictures in the develop module / camera calibration. That should bring the fill light slider back.

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10 y ago

You might as well adapt Jeremiah - fill-light ain't comin' back to Lr4 (PV2012).

It helps to know how to use all the sliders, since blacks/shadows are only 2 pieces of the whole editing puzzle.

Tips here may help: