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Sat, May 2, 2015 1:18 AM


Long Lag with Camera Raw version 9 responsiveness among other problems

1. My biggest complaint with the new Camera Raw plug-in (version 9) is the 1-second lag in rendering when one zooms in and out or when making ANY adjustment to the image. This unfortunate new impediment may seem trivial; however when one is editing hundreds of photos a week this 1-second lag in real-time responsiveness is incredibly annoying, especially because in previous versions of the Camera Raw plug-in the adjustments were almost instantaneous. I have edited over 10 thousand images over the last 4 years and have become accustomed to the professional nature of this plug-in, however this modification seems marketed to amateurs and not professional photojournalists.

I've tried un-checking the "Use Graphics Processor", which displays my "NVIDA GeForce GT 750M OpenGL Engine". However, the 1-second lag still persists, but instead of the screen going blurry for one second, it just stutters for one second.

For your reference, below is a detailed summery of my camera's and computer's technical specifications.

Camera: Nikon D4

Computer: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch) bought in mid 2014
Operating System: OSX Yosemite (version 10.10.3)
Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory: 16 GB (1600 MHz DDR3)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB

2. Also, there is a 1-second lag when cropping an image where there appears to be an unnecessary animation, which transforms the un-cropped image into the cropped image that again seems marketed to amateurs.

3. The added functionality of the "Scrubby Zoom" is a very welcome addition to the Camera Raw plug-in (version 9), however the ability to scrub the zoom (while holding down the space bar and command keys [while one is actively using the crop tool]) when one wants to quickly zoom in on something is disabled in the Camera Raw plug-in (version 9). Also, one can scrub to zoom into an area until one uses the Spot Removal tool, at which point the "Scrubby Zoom" function stops working.

4. The addition of the "Merge to HDR" and "Merge to Panorama" function in the Camera Raw plug-in (version 9) when one has opened multiple photos is also a welcome new feature. However, hiding those two features along with the "Select All" and "Sync Settings" commands in the drop down menu in the "Filmstrip" burdens the user with an unnecessary two-step process when it was an easy one step process with previous versions of the Camera Raw plug-in, which had hot buttons at the top of the "Filmstrip". My solution would be to create icons for all four of these functions ("Select All", "Sync Settings", "Merge to HDR", and "Merge to Panorama") at the top of the "Filmstrip" with a description of the function once you roll the curser over each icon.

5. In reference to the Adjustment Brush tool in the Camera Raw plug-in (version 9), there should be a way to zero-out the adjustment sliders all at once. It's very annoying to have to manually type in "0" for all of the adjustment sliders when one wants to employ just one of the adjustment sliders.

6. The ability to open a raw image in the Camera Raw plug-in (version 9) without opening Photoshop proper would be advantageous when tremendous speed in editing is a consideration. However, I would understand if this would be impossible, since it is a "plug-in". Perhaps it could be a plug-in for Bridge in lieu of a plug-in for Photoshop?

7. Almost all of my suggested improvements could perhaps be added into the "Preferences" dialogue box as options to the user, which would allow more customization, so that a significant switch to the interface is not so jarring to the end user.
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