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Mon, Apr 13, 2020 1:13 PM

Raw only. JPEGs? So I can import from phone to computer but I need to wait for my phone to sync 2k photos to get the .dng?

I’d expect this fro iPhoto, but Lr? And why can’t CC and classic work together? They’re like two different companies. CC is insanely limited. It’s literally iPhoto with a different look. I just... want... my raw files... WHY JPEGS???? Phone shows .dng and you load my drive up with useless jpegs. I’ve been trying for 4hrs to simply get a few thousand raw files from my phone to my computer. But you only “let” me import jpegs? Wasn’t even shot jpeg!!! I’m looking at lr mobile and they all say raw but I can’t use them.


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1 y ago

1) plug your phone into your Mac. 2) Launch Image Capture and see the images on phone. 3) sort by File Type and select only the RAWs. 4) Download to a folder on Desktop that you just created, then 5) import those into Lightroom Classic. Got it?