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Fri, Oct 9, 2020 10:24 PM

Zoom using Mouse Wheel in ACR

Dear Adobe,


Can we PLEASE have the functionality that allows us to zoom an image using a roll of the mouse wheel in ACR (just like Photoshop does).


Yes - I know we have scrubby zoom - but when I'm working with multiple images and I need to have them all zoomed by exactly the same amount for comparitive purposes - scrubby zoom doesn't cut it because they'll all zoom to slightly different levels of magnification. I need something that zooms in consistent steps.


The default functionality of the mouse wheel in ACR appears to be "vertical scroll" which (for me anyway) is something that's of no use to me what-so-ever.


Thank you.

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1 y ago

Have you tried checking Global Zoom Settings on in the Zoom menu?  If you turn that on and then set the zoom level to the desired zoom (using any manner of zoom like scrubby, boxed or selecting levels in the zoom menu), and then click on other images in the filmstrip, the images should have the same zoom level.  However, the images will be zoomed into the center of the image by default, so you may have to pan to the desired area.  Hope this helps.

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Really, really not what we are asking for.

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Thanks for the reply.


Yes - I'm aware of that. It does help a little, but there's still two fundamental issues (1) zooming is still counter-intuitive because it's out-of-sync which how we do it in Photoshop and (2) scrubby zoom means we end up with non-exact magnifications which can have a consequence on how sharp images appear (when being viewed in ACR - it doesn't have any impact on the image once it's passed through to Photoshop).


The main issue is just the inconvenience of how we have to zoom though.


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