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Fri, Mar 15, 2019 8:46 PM

Adobe CC app enterprise sign-in pops up blank window.

Hey! So I'm trying to download adobe character animator cc! I have an enterprise email account, and when I type in my email and password to the creative cloud app, it asks if I have an enterprise or personal account. I choose enterprise, and then it pops up a blank window titled 'enterprise sign in' (I believe) and doesn't do anything.

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3 y ago

It sounds like your organization is setup for Federated SSO login. This means that the blank window you see is attempting to load your organization's webpage. Either the SSO is not setup correctly or there is something in your network configuration which is preventing this login page from loading correctly. What is the domain on your email address (the part after the @)? I can look up your organization and verify whether SSO is setup properly.