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Fri, Jun 12, 2015 6:13 AM


LightRoom CC slideshow stutters - moving mouse solves it

When I play a slideshow on my MacBook Pro 2013 with latest OS, 16GB memory and SSD-disk with LR CC stutters and the image slide and crossfade stops. It just jumps to the next image and varies from a few second to many seconds between the jumps. Sometimes is stops during a crossfade and I am looking at two images for many seconds.
But when I move the mouse around on the screen everything works excellent, sliding and crossfades happens as it is supposed to do. When I stop moving the mouse the sliding and crossfade stops again.

Does not matter what screen resolution I am using. I have created previews and optimized the catalog without success.

I have not had the time to test on my windows pc or do an export to video.

Is this a known problem?

- Terje
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