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Fri, Aug 30, 2019 8:20 PM

Lightroom Classic 8.4 for Mac OS changing modification & date creation dates when changing jpeg ratings.

I really don’t understand why Lightroom Classic (8.4 for Mac OS) changes not only the modification date, but also creation date when
changing ratings of a jpeg image? In Catalog Settings, I have it set to
automatically write changes into XMP, but why would that apply to a jpeg which
is obviously not a xmp? And why would it change the creation date? This is
totally screwing up my ability to sort my images by creation date. I also really don’t like that Lightroom is also changing the modification date, as that means changes are being written to a jpeg, which is not cool.


I see a thread about this issue way from five years ago about Lightroom 5.5, yet this is still an issue- why?


It would be better if LR had more options in that preference, such as don't write changes to PSD, TIFF or JPG files (instead keeping those changes in the internal LR database only). There is absolutely no reason to rewrite to a jpeg, and change its modification (and creation!) date just because I added a star!

I also can't stand how this page will not let me set pagination the way I am typing it, with random sentence breaks, and double paragraph spaces...
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