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Sat, Mar 30, 2019 2:53 PM

Lightroom Classic - slow Library performance - loading preview causes a freeze

Whenever I perform any file-handling action in Library (switching to a new photo, selecting, deselecting, switching between collections, folders), there's a roughly half-second time in which I can safely perform another action, and after that comes a freeze of the whole GUI for a second or two, during which the program seems to be loading a full sized version of the current photo. It seems reasonable to start loading the full version after a small delay, but having the loading completely freeze up the whole interface is just ridiculous. It takes me over 20 seconds to ctrl-click a couple of photos for selection. Switching between full-screen modes with Shift-F is a particular nightmare, as I'm looking at 10 seconds of slow reloading of the GUI, control by control, rectangle by rectangle, button by button, panel by panel. Even dragging the LR window by its title bar is a one-redraw-per-second slideshow. 

System: Core i7-6700 CPU @ 2.6 GHz, 8 GB of RAM, SSD drive, mains powered, full performance mode. During all of the actions, the load on core 1 of my 0-7 cores goes up to 100%, others remain almost unused. No fiddling with CPU core affinity helps, though.

Constantly running over the same photos does not eventually make it start smooth. Pre-creating standard or full sized previews makes no difference. All non-standard plugins are disabled. No difference whether the files are JPG, DNG or CR2. This library has about 2000 photos. Options: (Note that even opening of the Edit-Preferences panel takes like 10 seconds of a freeze.) Generate previews in parallel - on, off, makes no difference. Metadata sidecar files - off, on, no difference. Graphics processor - off, on, no difference. Use Smart Previews - off, on, no difference.

Why is a heavy load-handling, photo-loading thread set to block the whole GUI while it runs?

Take a look: - my mouse cursor didn't get recorded, but I was clicking things as soon as the previous action completed. No, this is not the video being choppy, that's how my LR works.
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