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Tue, Dec 6, 2016 10:38 PM


Need Adobe ID

A vision for Lightroom Mobile is to do a teathered Studio Shoot and to send selected images to a client using "Make Public" which provides a unique URL which may be emailed to a client for his viewing  on his own Laptop or tablet, and comment.  The process works perfectly until the client wants to comment on one or more images.  When the client clicks on the "comment" or "Like" icons, he is immediately asked for his Adobe ID and Password, or to Register for an Adobe ID.  I can't imagine a client wanting to do this unless he already has an Adobe ID.  The client in all probability isn't even aware of Adobe.  The only rationale I see for asking for an Adobe ID is to identify who is returning the comment.  Why not just ask for the client's name and email address (which you know since you sent the link to him via emil), which should be sufficient to identify him.  Without this change I view this vision for Lightroom Mobile as a failure.

Can this be implemented in a future update?


Kent Messamore

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Lightroom Mobile: Client commenting, rating and liking collections without Adobe ID

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5 y ago

Yes, that is one of the problem with adobe solution. It is not client friendly at all... 
Lucky you, we are working on Evlaa to simply this process on both side, your and your client side as well. 

Happy to talk about it and I would love to have your feedbacks on it.