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Mon, Feb 6, 2012 5:03 PM

Photoshop Express: What happened to the effects portion of the program? (iPad)

What happened to the effects portion of the program. When I first purchased PS Xpress I was able to creat a photo of my grand daughter with sparkling stars around her and today I went to try and do it with another photo and it was no longer available. I could not find it in the program after the new upgrade, several options disapeared.


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10 y ago

We have not removed editor features from Photoshop Express. All the same effects and borders are still there. However, we never included stars. Is it possible you're thinking of another app? The border most closely resembling your description is Halftone.

The free Photoshop Express Editor at www.photoshop.com does include a stars border (our online app calls borders Frames, and they're in the Decorate section of the Editor). If you upload your iPad or iPhone photos to your free photoshop.com account, and edit your image using our online Editor (www.photoshop.com, Flash plugin required) to add the Stars frame, your iPad can then see and share your saved work. If you don't see changes made on your desktop tap the Refresh button on your iPad in Photoshop Express.