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Wed, Sep 3, 2014 4:53 AM

Some Improvements to Lightroom Mobile I'd Love to See!

Lightroom Mobile is a great start. It's truly transformed the way in which I process my images, as I don't always have time to sit in front of my desktop PC to work on images. But casual culling and adjustments while sitting on the couch? WIN! For a 1.0 product it's a good start. What would make it better for me?

1) Copy/paste settings. This is KILLING me. If I come up with a nice developed look for one photo, for the love of all things holy, don't make me manually flip back and forth between the two, memorizing a couple of numbers, then re-creating them.

2) Make the portrait/landscape crop option more obvious. I had no idea it worked that way until recently, I expected a touch-based option within the cropping window.

3) Background sync, or at least a warning/explanation of when sync will stop, that the app needs to be left open and in the foreground, etc.

4) Noise Reduction. I don't even care if I can't see it on the device - let me slap a noise reduction setting on there so it syncs back to the desktop.

5) Lens corrections. Again, let me set an "auto" flag and have it process the lens corrections on the desktop after a sync.

I hope an Android version is coming. :-)


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