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Tue, Jun 27, 2017 11:38 PM


Add a CC category

Because my idea is concerning the CC desktop app I would like to see a category for the CC app on this forum. As far as I can see such a category doesn't exist. But then again, I also don't see one for AfterEffects or Indesign or Dreamweaver. So it might be that Photoshop-Family really only is concerned about Photoshop and related products. But then I wonder why Premiere Elements has a category. I guess I am missing something...

Anyways, all that said, what I really wanted to post is that I think the CC app is missing one mayor feature. Every time there's an update of any of the apps, clicking the "what's new" link gives me close to no information on what exactly changed and there's no link to the release notes. I keep having to google this to find out what exactly changed. I am always very suspicious about updates. "Never change a winning team" attitude.

So please, add more informative information into the CC desktop app or at least a link to the release notes where everything that changed is listed.

Very basic, very easy to do and helping tons!


P.S. Please feel free to move this thread to wherever you feel it belongs.
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