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Adobe's Photography Products Overview

Adobe's Photography Products Overview

Understanding the relationship of the Photography Products from Adobe is key to a smooth working relationship between the various packages.  What follows is a basic description of these products:

Camera Raw

Camera Raw is the engine that drives how images are rendered across the breadth of Adobe's Photography Products. Camera Support, Lens Support, Camera Matching Profiles and the development engine are all built by the Camera Raw team. 

Camera Raw is a Photoshop Plugin that allows for raw file operations in the Photoshop interface.  Camera Raw is the under the hood engine of products like Lightroom Classic and the Lightroom Ecosystem clients. 

The Camera Raw team also creates the DNG Converter tool as well as the DNG Profile tool. The Lens Profile Creator is also produced by this team. 

The Camera Raw plugin is updated via the Adobe Creative Cloud App. Individual clients are updated via the Creative Cloud App as well and their updates include the under-the-hood Camera Raw engine. 

DNG Converter, DNG Profile Editor and the Lens Profile Creation tool's latest versions are available at this link: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/digital-negative.html

Lightroom Classic: 

Lightroom Classic was introduced in 2007 with version 1.0.  This is the disk-based catalog version of Lightroom currently called Lightroom Classic. Lightroom Classic is updated through the Adobe Creative Cloud App.

Lightroom Ecosystem:

This is a cloud-based catalog version of Lightroom where originals are synced to the cloud and available anywhere you have online access via your subscribed Adobe ID. 

The Lightroom Ecosystem Clients

  • Lightroom Desktop (Mac & Windows) Introduced 2018
  • Lightroom Mobile (iOS(Includes Apple TV) & Android) Introduced 2014
  • Lightroom Web (Browser-based) Introduced 2014

Lightroom Ecosystem clients can be updated via the Adobe Creative Cloud App, the Mac App Store, the Microsoft App store, the iOS App Store, and the Google Play store.

Adobe Photography Products

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