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Fri, Jan 25, 2019 12:11 AM


Can't sign in with Edge or Firefox to the Photoshop Family website

In Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers I am unable to sign-in to the website.

I receive email from Photoshop Family. I click the Reply button in the email. I enter a comment in the thread. Then I have to Sign-In. If Edge or Firefox is the default browser, I get a message that I successfully signed in to BUT its just kidding because I cannot Submit the Comment. It says that I need to sign-in. If Chrome is the default browser, sign-in is successful.

Background: I save login credentials in the browser's password vault. In Firefox and Edge, I have tried clearing ALL cookies and passwords. That has not fixed the problem. I can login to my account from Adobe's home page without a problem. It is the Photoshop Family website that is a problem in Firefox and Edge browsers. I am clicking the Photoshop Family option from the Sign In page. See the screenshot. 

The system is a desktop PC running Windows 10 version 1809 with 16 GBs of RAM and terabytes of SSD and HDD storage.

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2 y ago

I hope you're not still having this issue, but just in case... I recently encountered this same issue, and I've just now solved it by clearing my cookies for this website. Once I did that, the site could see that I was already signed in. Weird but true.