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Sat, Oct 10, 2020 8:09 PM



Filter/Sort Posts by not solved, by newest first

So, in the old page, we could select to show unsolved, and we could sort by newest first. I do not see how to do that currently.


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1 y ago

While you can find posts that have no replies, you can't find posts that have replies but no Accepted or Official replies. 


The advanced search is buried in an obscure spot.  In the right column of the conversations listing, click View More to the right of Categories.  Then click Advanced Filters.  In the Answer Type dropdown, you have these choices:


- Official: The post has a reply marked "Official" by a moderator.


- Accepted: The post has a reply marked "Accepted Solution" by the original poster or a moderator.


- Unanswered: The post has no replies.


Note that there's no option for finding posts with replies but no Official or Accepted replies.