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How Tinder works, the best dating APP

Surely you have ever heard about Tinder or seen its advertising. Maybe you already have a user created! But how much do you know about this application? Do you know how it works in detail and what you can do with it? Today we come to share with you a complete user guide on how Tinder works , the application to meet people that revolutionized the world of dating. Let's go there!

First things first about how Tinder works: what is Tinder and how did it come about?

First of all, Tinder is an application that allows registered users to meet others. It is aimed at an audience of legal age, that is, we can be users from the age of 18 . It was invented at the end of 2012 in the United States and is currently considered a social network, having millions of annual downloads Tinder Gold Free around the world.

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The main premises under which this application was created are two. First, it is known that people in general feel more comfortable approaching others with the knowledge that they also want their closeness. In this way, the application takes the stress out of meeting people from scratch , because you can only talk to another user if they have matched. Second, Tinder manages to bring strangers closer together that perhaps in other circumstances would not know each other.

Meeting people is a task that can be much more complicated than it seems. These days, young people's lives are so busy that it is difficult to strike a balance between dedication to leisure and work. All this leaves a very narrow margin of time (and especially of desire) to go out and meet people with whom a link could potentially be generated.

Then, Tinder came to modify and optimize the world of dating , with the aim of saving much of the time it takes to know the interests and hobbies of another person, and without having to detach from the mobile. So when you do get to talk to someone, you know that both people like each other in some way. "Start on the right foot" they say.

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