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How To: Reporting Bugs (Problems)

How To: Reporting Bugs (Problems)

At this forum, bugs are reported using the ‘Problem’ category.  

For review:  

A bug is behavior that is not working as-designed.  As-designed behavior, by definition, cannot be a bug. (It can be a reason for creating a feature request: called ‘Ideas’ on this forum). Unexpected behavior can be as-designed.  Adobe generally does not classify dissatisfaction with a particular workflow or behavior as a bug.  Rather, it is an opportunity for you to create an Idea Post and gather votes from other customers who also would like to see as-designed behavior change. 

In order to report a bug, you should have reproducible steps. Our developers need to have reproducible steps to confirm a bug exists, identify the issue and fix in an upcoming update. If you’ve found what you believe to be a bug, we encourage you to report it by creating a [New Post] post and give it a meaningful title.

Title Examples: 

  • Lightroom Classic/Camera Raw: Unable to apply lens correction to some images
  • Lightroom Mobile: App goes to a black screen occasionally

This will help all forum participants quickly find and identify similar issues. 
A list of existing threads related to the title you type will appear.  Scan the top items and see if your problem has already been reported on a different thread. If so, go to that thread and add your comments, then click the [Like] button at the bottom of the original post.  This count is ported to our bug reporting system and gives us an accurate gauge of the number of customers experiencing an issue. It is a useful aid to prioritize bugs experienced by many versus those experienced by fewer. There is strength in numbers!

Status can be as follows:

  • No Status: means it either hasn't been looked at or it is not yet reproducible by Adobe Staff or Prerelease testers.
  • Needs a solution: is not identifiable as a bug or is an unidentified partner issue ((OS manufacturer, Video Card Driver, etc.)
  • Acknowledged: means we have verified the behavior, agreed it is a bug or a partner issue and have filed said bug or reported it to our partner.
  • In-progress: means we have identified an issue and are working with a customer or customers or our partners to obtain more information to create a final fix. A bug is possibly open on the issue.
    Additionally, an item can move from Acknowledged to In-progress if an issue has be reverted to a tracking status.
  • Solved: means we have either fixed the bug, or another partner has released an update which has caused the behavior.
  • Not a problem: means that, upon review, it was discovered this is not an Adobe bug or our partner's bug and has been resolved in another fashion.  Not a problem can also be used when a customer posts, additional information is required by Adobe and the customer does not reply to the request. 

Review the status on the existing issue (upper right of the original post) to see if your bug report is solved or waiting on resolution. Add to an existing bug report rather than create a new Problem post.  If it has been a long time since the bug was reported, it may be related in appearance only and not the same software bug.

If you cannot find a similar post describing your issue, hit the [Post with this title] button.  Mark the Conversation type as a Problem.  In the description field provide the following:

  • Your pertinent System Specs  (Platform, RAM, HD Space, Monitor resolution, Video Card, etc)
  • OS version number*
  • Lightroom/Camera Raw version number
    Note: “Latest version” or similar does not help us. We need the actual version numbers.
  • A brief description of the problem.
  • Step-by-step instructions that will reproduce the issue. 

Once finished with the description be sure to check which product category it affects in the Related Categories area. These are reviewed and we will update the category(s) as needed.

Hit [Post]

We review every post that comes in from our customers. If the category or title needs modified to make things more clear to those searching the forum it may be modified. No response on a post typically suggests Adobe and/or its forum champions cannot reproduce the issue reported. We will occasionally attempt to clarify the issue or request additional information from customers on these threads. 

When updates are issued from Adobe or our partners affecting these issues, we will change the status and post on the thread so that all subscribed will receive an update.

Generally, Adobe does not announce the dates of pending bug fixes until they are actually released. ETAs will not be normally be given. 

Following these guidelines will help you gain the most impact from your taking your valuable time to report issues and help Adobe improve its product. 

Thank you for your continued assistance.

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