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Sat, Sep 19, 2020 3:10 AM


New platform's search is really bad, worse than the old one

The platform's search is really bad, significantly worse than the old one's search (which was mediocre at best). 


For example, search for "import folder date" in the Lightroom Classic topic and only one of the first ten results contain all three terms (or their inflected forms). Two results contain two of the terms; six of the results contain one of the terms; and one result contains none of the terms!  Only two of the results contain any of the terms in their subject lines. 


Compare with Google's results, which are much, much more relevant:


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1 y ago

Came here to say similar. I searched for ‘share for review’ under Photoshop Problems and got 424 results, but none of the first few pages seemed relevant. Tested with- and without quotes.

Effective search is obviously key to users finding the conversations which will help them, but it also reduces multiple similar questions being posted, which in turn reduces admin workload.