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Mon, Jan 29, 2018 6:06 PM


Photoshop feedback search is TERRIBLE : multiple keywords are OR not AND

I'm trying to search here on "community powered support" for information about sharing to the clipboard.

I search for "share clipboard" and the results don't look great. I do several other searches and confirm that when I search for a word (X) say and then I add another search term (Y) I get the combined results for both search terms. In other words "X Y" produces more results than "X" or "Y"

This is beyond incompetent. People don't add search terms in order to get wider results. Adding terms is supposed to NARROW and FOCUS the results.

Please fix.

p.s. As you well know, naming a new product (lightroom cc) with the name of and old product, then renaming the old product to a new name (classic) that includes the entire old name as a substring provides a massive decrease in the effectiveness of all kinds of search and reduces the value of years worth of archives third and first party. But that ship has sailed.

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4 y ago

Hi Daniel,

I understand your frustration with the search-style and the compounding results. This is a 3rd party solution for us so in order to change the search functionality, either Get Satisfaction would have to change, or we would need to use a different forum. Regardless I can forward your feedback. 

The fastest search I know of is a regular search engine. If you're looking for something instructional regarding photoshop it is also helpful to add the term "helpx." That will return official Adobe documentation in your results.