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Wed, May 11, 2016 3:41 PM


This Forum Software: Can someone merge me here? I'm not 2 different people

A few days ago, this site suddenly asked me to sign in—again. I couldn't remember what I'd signed in with in the first place. I signed in with the wrong email/profile/notifications stuff, figured it out after a couple of days, and tried to change back. Unfortunately, I'm now two different people. Could someone here merge them using the current profile/email, and then go ahead and delete this intrusive question?

I should add, I'm really just trying to get the emails to go to my gmail account, not the other one, and it refused to let me change my primary email account to the gmail account without signing in from Gmail???  But I'm still getting them at the wrong email account, AND I'm two different people with the same name.
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