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Mon, Sep 28, 2020 6:14 PM


Thread listing buggy on iOS

The forums' thread listing is buggy and very inconvenient to use on iOS mobile:


- In Safari and Chrome, if you click on a particular thread title to view it and then hit the back button, you're taken back to the top of the thread listing, not to where you had scrolled down.


- In Safari, you can't press-and-hold on a thread title to open it in a new tab. When you press-and-hold, it selects the word. Similarly, you can't press-and-hold on the last-response username or date to open the most recent reply in a new tab.


Tested on iOS & Safari 13.5.1, Chrome 85.4183.109



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1 y ago

Will take a look. Thanks John.

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I wonder why we cannot click the "post" when you are in someone's profile?

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