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Tue, Nov 3, 2020 8:11 PM

Adjustment Brush with Spot Removal bug and solution until Adobe fixes it

Resolved by i4detail, starting a new thread to focus on just the problem and solution so that Adobe doesn't have to wade through the previous long thread. The problem has been reported by both Mac and Windows users. I tested on Windows, don't know if anyone has tested on a Mac. 



  • apply adjustment brush with Auto Mask on
  • remove a spot anywhere on the image, does not have to be in the masked area
  • an area of adjustment brush is undone 
  • remove another spot (doesn't have to be a real spot) 
  • a different area is undone or sometimes the lost area is redone 

Solution / go around:

  • don't use Auto Mask 

Solution / probably less acceptable

  • do all edits except spot removal
  • export the image at full resolution, no sharpening, as a jpeg
  • import the jpeg and remove spots 

Great work i4detail 

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