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Sun, Oct 22, 2017 7:11 PM


Allow Lightroom Classic to upload full resolution raw to the Cloud

For a long time now, I've been hoping Adobe would allow Lightroom to upload full resolution raw files to the cloud as a backup location, gallery, and with ability to edit. Adobe finally answered my wishes - but at a cost. Lr-Classic has the power I want, but STILL cannot upload full resolution photos to the cloud. Is it a difficult thing to enable/allow Lr to sync actual folders? 

Instead I've found I can upload photos through Lr-CC - and when I open Lr-Classic, guess what... it DOWNLOADS THE FULL RESOLUTION PHOTOS BACK TO MY COMPUTER. So 1 photo session might have 2gb worth of data. This brilliant setup means I need to upload 2gb through Lr-CC, and then have another 2gb downloaded again through Lr-Classic. I'm left with double the internet data usage, and duplicated photos on my computer thus taking up twice the space! Genius! 

Furthermore, Lr-Classic decides to ignore the Folder/Album setup in Lr-CC, and just lists all the Albums in alphabetical order as Collections, while dumping the physical files into one giant "mobile" folder under hard-drive. 

So my request is, allow Lr-Classic to upload FULL-RESOLUTION RAW files to the Lr-Cloud instead of smart previews. 

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Lightroom Classic: Should be able to Sync full raw files to the cloud, not just smart previews

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4 y ago

This seems to be the same suggestion I made here: Completely agree.