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Fri, Apr 10, 2020 6:00 PM

auto black & white in a preset ?

I want the action of SHIFT + Double Clicking on Black & SHIFT + Double Clicking on White on a preset to massively doing it on large number of pictures...

I know we can automate the "Auto Settings" but I have notice there is a huge difference from Auto settings ≠ Shift double click on Black

exemple on my picture:
I got -17 with Auto settings then if I Shift double click on Black I get -47
(true Black point without clipping or so...)

OR : Is there a keyboard shortcut to do Shit double click Black (and same for white) ?

Any help ?




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1 y ago

Unfortunately, there's no way to apply the effect of shift-double-clicking Whites and Blacks to multiple photos. There's no keyboard shortcut, and there's no way for plugins to do it. 

Some people use Auto Settings and then have a preset that zeroes out all the other sliders. But as you point out, that often (usually?) produces much different results.